Fresh Breath Cabin Filter RX8

The Cabin Air Filters primary job is to keep airborne contaminants like allergens, pollen, dust, dirt and soot on the outside of your car keeping the inside fresh and clean.. Cabin filters will also keep the A/C evaporator clean so your climate control system operates at peak performance which is proven to improve overall driving comfort and health due to providing better and cleaner airflow through the vehicle. 
Most RX8’s we check still have the original filter packed full of dirt and debris and many of these are covered with nasty mold and stinky funk. 
Fresh Breath cabin filters are available in two types:
  • Basic Particulate Type filters trap airborne contaminants like allergens, pollen, dust, dirt and soot.
  • Advanced Carbon / Charcoal Type filters also trap these things, but add a superior ability to trap noxious exhaust fumes and other things that cause unpleasant odors. This is because the charcoal in the filters is heat-treated with certain chemicals that hold the odor-causing contaminants on the surface of the charcoal treated filter.
    We are always told breathing fresh clean air helps us feel better. If you spend time in your vehicle, having clean fresh air should really make a difference, especially if you have allergies and things of that nature. With show much emphasis on taking care of ourselves by eating better and living overall healthier lifestyles, it only makes sense to ensure that the air we breathe in our vehicles is fresh and clean as well.
     For optimum performance replace your cabin air filter every 8- 12 months and more frequently in harsh, dusty or damp environments...
    Fresh Breath Cabin Filters are easily installed in a few minutes...
    Watch our 2 minute video....
    Located behind glove box door fits 04-12 RX8 all models
    Length        8.99 In
    Thickness  0.86 In
    Width          4.11 In