Pettit Racing BPHF Hi-Flo Turbo Charger RX7 FD

Our Blueprinted Hi-Flo (BPHF) RX7 Turbo unit is far superior to the stock unmodified RX-7 unit:

  • The RX7 turbo housing is hand-ported and contour-radiused, creating a bevel on all the unfinished edges left from mass production. This reduces the "hot spots" and minimizes the chance of heat cracking. In addition to improving RX-7 turbo longevity, this process also improves flow path and efficiency.
  • Next, all mating flanges are machined flat and a ceramic thermal barrier coating is applied. This reduces heat radiation, resulting in lower temperatures under the hood. The housings are then reassembled in a fixture to assure proper alignment.
  • For the compressor housings, we also port and polish the tapered discharge outlet (snail), further improving efficiency and spool-up.

All this results in a much-improved RX-7 turbo unit that has proven itself by providing both reliability and superior performance for our customers. This same basic turbo was used in our road racing Mazda RX7 to win the 1998 GT2 Championship!