OTS Rotary Engine RX7

OTS Pettit Built Engines

A Pettit built OTS engine (off the shelf) for your RX7. These engines come with all new rotor housings, rotors and the latest dual spring 2mm apex seals from Mazda.

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All Pettit Built Engines receive the following:

  • Blueprinting, street porting, and all critical wear/contact surfaces receive our advanced proprietary finishing treatment
  • Pettit housing mods which improve cooling to minimize surface deformation around lead plugs
  • Attention to minor axis areas - this helps to minimize seal chatter
  • Mods to seal path and ports - helps to better maintain compression seal integrity during port crossing and closure
  • Oil system mods which improve oil flow to bearings
  • Main and rotor bearings clearanced to race p-specs
  • Eight quality control inspections
  • Clean room assembly with Rotor Pro tools
  • Static compression tested, capped, and skin sealed for shipping

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