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Magnaflow Performance Cat RX-8

Magnaflow Performance Cat RX-8

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A bad cat can restrict flow, lower fuel mileage,  impair performance and even cause engine problems. A Mazda replacement can cost well over $1200.00. This High Flow cat can solve your problems while helping improve your airflow and releasing a little more of the distinctive ‘rotary sound’ that your 13b makes. Not only that but it will save you money while doing it! A direct replacement part.

 Fits04-11 Mazda RX8


 Part Number                        mag23909

 Description:               Conv DF 04-08 Mazda RX-8

 Main Piping Diameter:                                   2.5

 Material:                                                         Stainless

 Series:                                                            Standard

 CARB Compliant:                                               N

 Catalytic Converter Oxygen Sensor Location:   Midbed

 Catalytic Converter Body Material:                Stainless

 Catalytic Converter Substrate Material:          Ceramic

 Catalytic Converter Inlet Diameter:                      2.5

 Catalytic Converter Outlet Diameter:                    2.5

Catalytic Converter Width:                                  5

 Catalytic Converter Overall Length:                  13

 Catalytic Converter Configuration:                      Direct-Fit

 Exhaust Pipe Material:                                          Stainless Steel

 Warranty:                5 year/50,000 mile External, 2 years/25,000 miles Internal

 Components:                                                     Bolt=5;Gasket=2;Nut=2

 Catalytic Converter Format:               Pre-Catalytic Converter and Main Catalytic Converter

 Exhaust Component Mount Type:              Uses Factory Hangers

 Core Substrate Material:                             OEM

 Emission:                                                      Non-California (49-State)




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