TKT Cold Air Intake 1 RX7 FD3S

When Pettit's Trak Pro Cold Air Induction System was first offered back in 1992, it was one of the first systems for the RX7 FD to provide a substantial improvement in performance and longevity. Simple to install & service with performance unmatched by any other system. Then as today it is still the only system produced with all the following benefits:

Unrestricted cool ambient air feeding both turbos via dual hi performance K&N air filters, full unrestricted flow & excellent filtration

Our IDC kit boosts the stock intercooler's efficiency by 30%, a nice little bonus. Another bonus: Pettit's modular design easily adapts to work with nearly any intercooler setup.

Eliminating the stock air box provides 2/3 more area to help better discharge hot air exiting the radiator Simple, effective, proven and by far the easiest to install and service

Our Cold Air Induction has long been the smart choice for RX7 FD tuners and owners world wide. Rated as the best induction system for the Twin Turbo setup and proven over and over to feed your turbos clean cool air lowering charge temps and providing performance & longevity better than any other system available.

Outstanding & unique design feature include:

Our V-duct system feeds both turbos cool outside air from the front nose opening instead of robbing air from the intercooler or just taking in hot air from the engine compartment, both are common with most other systems. Our system helps maximize intake velocity and flow by eliminating turbulence. This is accomplished by removing air pump & BOV intrusions from the main intake tract and connecting them to a separate filter. We supply two big K&N air filters; one per turbo and a 3rd smaller one for the air pump. Another simple design is the ICD Cover Kit; it provides a 30% gain to the stock intercooler’s efficiency. This is accomplished by taking the cool air that was originally used to feed the stock air box (or in many cases it is just left open to be wasted) and redirects it into the Intercooler, this further drops charge temperatures, providing a cooler more dense charge. Also included is a dynamic silencer unit to minimize air by pass noise from emissions system on cars with air pumps.

Available for RX7 single turbo applications as well. Please call for details (561) 844-2258