Trak Pro Big Brake Kit RX7 FD3S

The Pettit Racing Big Brake Kit features an ultra light all aluminum 4 piston Outlaw caliper weighing only 5lbs each.....................

The vented rotors are 12.5-in. diameter, which is 1 inch larger than the stock rotors.

They also feature 6-machined slots in each rotor, which helps expel the hot gases and increase your pad to rotor contact area.

The kit comes complete with stainless steel braided brake lines, hawk brake pads, 1 bottle of Motul DOT-4 brake fluid, and all needed hardware and fittings.

The kit is easy to install, and no modifications are required, however due to your safety & others, we strongly recommend that you have a trained technician do the installation for you. Weather you are on the street or the track this kit will greatly increase your stopping ability and looks great too.