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Pettit Racing Blueprinted Transmission RX7 FD3S

Pettit Racing Blueprinted Transmission RX7 FD3S

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Pettit Built and Blueprinted 5-speed manual transmission for RX7 FD.

Each unit has many new parts like bearings and all hand-lapped syncs, new shift rod ends, 5th gear, drive & counter, 5th gear ring & hub. The average parts cost to build each RX7 transmission is approx $2200, not to mention all the special tools and expertise required...

If you send in your old trans for service, we disassemble and call or email you with a quote and options.. Units we receive in decent condition needing fewer parts can cost as little as $2000 to build.

To assure the transmission we build for you is the smoothest, best shifting FD trans ever, it is necessary for the shifter to be set up properly. If you send in your trans, send the shifter as well, we'll make sure it is set up properly. These transmissions are very strong, however the key to longevity is being smooth. At the track, smooth = fast.

Check out this video of our Time Attack Car setting the fast lap listen to the shifts, smooth:

Offered with a 1-year Limited Warranty (labor only: any parts you break and all shipping costs are the sole responsibility of the purchaser).  Please understand we do not make the parts, we only make them work better together... 




The best method we have found for shipping transmissions is to ship them without the bell housing. This way it can be sent through regular UPS. Otherwise it has to be sent freight, so please keep your original bell housing. If you need a bell housing please let us know ahead of time so we can make arrangements.

Shipping dimensions and weight for a transmission without bell housing are: 100-lbs. 38-in. x 12-in. x 12-in.

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