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Brake Rotors Curved Slot RX7 FD3S

Brake Rotors Curved Slot RX7 FD3S

Front or Rear

Slotted RX7 brake rotors are a top choice for more efficient and reliable braking, with cooler operating temperatures and extended service intervals. Our Trak Pro brake rotors feature curved slots and represent the latest technology for RX-7 performance. 

RX7 Brake Rotor Operation

During both normal and hard braking, gasses from friction & heat are released from the surface of the brake pads. As the brake rotor's slots moves across the pad, the gases are allowed to escape, similar to water under a tire tread. This allows the pad to generate more friction without added pedal effort. At the same time, abrasive particles that would normally be trapped between the brake rotor & pad surface are collected in the slots, and as the slot moves away from the pad the particles are released. This aids in cooling and helps extend both pad and brake rotor life.

Brake Rotor Installation Notes

When properly installed brake rotors are rotating forward, the end of the curved slot at the outer diameter of the rotor should be ahead of the of the end of the slot at the inner diameter. This may seem counter-intuitive, but it is the current professional consensus. Forward rotation on the left (driver) side is counter clockwise & forward rotation on right side is clockwise, assuming you're looking at outside face of the wheel in each case.

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