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Pettit Racing Cool Charge III Intercooler Kit RX7 FD3S

Pettit Racing Cool Charge III Intercooler Kit RX7 FD3S

Better Performance & Improved Longevity

Pettit Racing Cool Charge III Intercooler Kit RX7 FD3S

Pettit Racing's Cool Charge III Intercooler System is the most effective configuration available for your RX7 FD, especially when used with our Cold Air Induction and the  ICE III Kit (Sold Separately)

Provides the lowest charge-air temperature gains of any system


  • Simple DIY install in 3-6 hours. Bolts in— no cutting or irreversible mods
  • High efficiency 12-in. x 17-in. core and all-aluminum construction
  • The only system available that allows for cold air induction
  • Unobstructed air flow to the radiator (better cooling) and no effect on A/C
  • Works with or without factory air pump
  • Works with all twin and big single turbo setups
  • Only 4 tube connections, mandrel bent for optimum flow from lightweight aluminum and all easily accessible
  • No other systems offer all these features or even comes close!

For over 20 years, the Cool Charge III has proven to be a reliable and efficient choice for countless customers around the world.

With the Cool Charge III a cold air induction system is used to bring in cool ambient air to the turbos, rather than air heated from passing through the radiator. This is a substantial benefit, because with cooler air entering the turbos, the intercooler does less work. Our system works with nearly any turbos: factory twins, upgraded twins, and big single turbos.

The Cool Charge III has a high efficiency core measuring 12-in. tall x 17-in. wide, with less than 1/2 lb pressure drop, only four connections, all short tube runs and the fewest bends (bends or changes in direction each reduce velocity) of any system. Even the stock system has 6 and some FMIC's have 10, all common points of failure. (A boost hose popped off) is a common problem with many systems.

Over the years we have continued to improve all our products and the Cool Charge III is no exception. Originally developed for racing, like most of our products, then once fully developed and tested it was incorporated into our product line. For Pettit Car GT75, cooling problems vanished (FMIC had blocked needed air flow). With cooler operating temperatures, HP came with less boost, adding the longevity needed to finish all our Rolex 24’s and ALMS endurance races and win the ’98 GT2 Championship.

NOTICE: Other Necessary items / parts / modifications required but not included with the Cool Charge III kit are available as kits or individually as follows:

For maximum performance and added longevity using Pettit's Trak Pro Cold Air Induction System, our Cool Power Thermal Management Kits and ICE III (Inter Cooler Enhancement Kit) have proven to generate the lowest charge temperatures of any Intercooler setup currently available for any 1992-2002 RX-7 FD twin or single turbo configuration.

The following products are common choices for use with Cool Charge III kits and proven to deliver Performance and Longevity beyond expectation:

It is a fact that reducing charge-air temperature gains provides a cooler, denser charge, thus lowering operating temperatures. This means you get more power without adding boost, and cooler operation also increases longevity.

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