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Holy Shift Short Shifter RX-8

Holy Shift Short Shifter RX-8

                   Holy Shift

 RX-8 Short Shifter by Trak Pro

Fits all 2004-2008 6 speed series 1, RX 8 manual transmissions  

  • Holy Shift will improve your driving performance..
  • Reduces the distance the shifter travels by 75%..
  • It Provides Smooth Positive shifts every time..
  • Makes driving more fun if you love to drive..
  • Quicker gear changes means quicker times..  
  • Reduces likelihood of missed-shifts or gear grinds .. 
  • Reduces travel from 2” for each gear shift, down to 1.5"..
  • CNC machined from billet 303 stainless steel..
  • Delrin isolator / movement bushings..
  • Installs in an hour or less with common hand tools..

     Trak Pro Shifters come with a lifetime warrantee to the original buyer.   

     If it ever fails we will take care of it, S&H is the only cost.


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