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Ignition Coil RX8

Ignition Coil RX8

Power Rev coils are engineered and tested to meet or exceed OE standards for spark energy, impedance, and durability. Because our core has an internal neodymium permanent magnet surrounded by grain-oriented magnetic laminated steel, maximum voltage output at all speeds is ensured.

The primary winding has an insulated coating to 200°C, over a premium 25-gauge copper wire. This permits low voltage to generate a strong magnetic field guarding against shorts between the windings even under extreme operating conditions.

The outstanding dielectric properties of the fiber reinforced polyphenylene oxide glass material used to make the bobbin keep the voltage directed along the correct path— providing long life under extreme high-voltage conditions.

The high impact case is tough and durable with excellent thermal qualities and the high temperature spark plug boot contains a conductive stainless steel spring with radio static noise suppressor— both are built for long life in all operating conditions.

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