(On Gallons only)


Protek-R™ provides the ultimate protection for your rotary engine and is proven to reduce friction & wear, adding power & longevity.

Protek-R is a synthetic lubricant engineered with high-temperature performance chemistry and special smoke-reducing components, as well as oxidation- & corrosion-resistant additives. Protek-R features a low ash formulation that also prevents carbon deposit build-up and protects apex seal, corner seal and side seal sticking. This ensures cleanliness and provides needed lubricity for top performance and longevity.

For over 25 years our racing engines have used only Protek-R premixed with the fuel at ratios betweem 80:1 and 100:1 (30ml/3L)[**]. There is no doubt that it helped Pettit Racing win 5 Road Racing Championships as well as countless circuit races, seting many track records along the way. We also won the 1998 Rolex USRRC GT-2 Championship and at season's end our primary 13b turbocharged engine had nearly 130 hrs of racing. The inspection of critical surfaces and compression seals (apex, side & corner) showed little wear compared to street engines we regularly open, whose factory oil metering & injection systems provide inadequate lubrication for critical surfaces and the delicate internal seals used in all rotary engines.

Through our many years of passion for improving rotary engines beyond industry standards, we have developed products and services which are proven to optimize rotary engine performance and longevity. This has earned us a worldwide reputation for consistently exceeding our customers' expectations.

Available in 1 gal. jug or 32 oz. bottle. Recommended usage is 1 oz. per gallon of fuel.


Protek-R may be premixed in fuel for other applications such as:

  • Piston Automobiles, Trucks, Gas & Diesel: At ratios of 200:1 or 1/2 oz./gal. (15ml/3l)
  • Always follow manufacturer's suggested ratios on 2-cycle engines (motorcycles, snowmobiles, lawn mowers, string trimmers, air-blowers, snow blowers, all-terrain vehicles and many others requiring API service category TC, ISO-L-EGC, EGD and JASO FC, FD)
  • Protek-R, when added to the gasoline tanks of rotary engine powered vehicles, has proven to reduce friction & wear and add power & longevity.