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Rally Clutch Kit RX8

Rally Clutch Kit RX8

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Pettit's Rally Clutch kit for the Mazda RX-8 provides 20% more clamping force, without additional pedal effort. This is achieved by moving the fulcrum pivot as well as using improved friction materials...............

All Pettit Clutch Kits are manufactured with genuine Daikin / Exedy quality parts providing superior engagement, smooth operation and extended life. Pettit's are the most complete RX8 clutch kits available. Most kits don't include the clutch line or pilot bearing seal. 

Special features Include:

  • balanced pressure plate
  • heavy-duty disk
  • upgraded release bearing, all metal
  • pilot bearing & pilot bearing seal
  • braided stainless steel clutch line
  • alignment tool and complete instructions

Daikin is a world leader in clutch technology and oem for all Mazda vehicles. Exedy Racing Clutches is also a Daikin Co. They produce the best and most reliable racing clutches available and are highly respected in the Performance and Racing Industry. All of our RX-8 clutch kits benefit from this technology and share improvements from their years of racing experience.

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