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RevOmax Differential Lube 75/90 3 qt.

RevOmax Differential Lube 75/90 3 qt.

Modern-day engines frequently operate at higher temperatures than their predecessors. Consequently, the need for affordable high-performance lubricants has never been greater. Finally available is a cost-effective and technologically advanced line of Biobased lubricants engineered to protect bearings and critical surfaces even under the most extreme and punishing conditions. RevOmax™ products are proven and certified to reduce friction and heat, releasing more usable energy and horsepower than any other lubricant— regardless of price...............

Among the many benefits are:

  • More Horsepower and Added Efficiency
  • Unmatched Friction, Heat and Wear Reductions
  • More Consistent Viscosity & Critical Surface Protection
  • Superior Thermal Anti-Breakdown & Extreme Pressure Protection
  • Superior Film / Shear Strength
  • Extended Oil Life and Lower Operating Temperature
  • Anti-Oxidation Agents and Corrosion Protection
  • Performance and Longevity Beyond Expectation and Industry Standards
  • Better Fuel Economy (Higher MPG)

All RevOmax products are fortified with AmberTech's USDA-certified 99% Biobased formulation, which employs a friction-reducing phenomenon called molecular surface modification (MSM). Friction between critical surfaces activates this patent-pending technology, creating an amazing process whereby friction, heat, and wear are minimized, unleashing more horsepower and usable energy than any other lubricant on earth. Performance and longevity increase while fuel consumption is reduced, creating significant savings at the gas pump. With RevOmax, reductions in wear and combustion by-products significantly extend the mechanical life of engines, manual gearboxes, differentials and related components. Lubricant lifetime is also increased, allowing for longer service intervals. All these factors translate into SAVING YOU MONEY!

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